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Horoscope for today, for tomorrow, for yesterday for the zodiac sign Taurus

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Horoscope for today 23 August for the zodiac sign Taurus

the zodiac sign Taurus

Better to rely on their own strength to come to terms with those around you today will be much more difficult than usual. Often there are disagreements with colleagues, proven allies, old friends. You are trying to defend their point of view without offending anyone, but this is not always possible.

it is Undesirable to conclude major transaction, spend considerable amounts. The more gently you treat the money, the better. Likely to unpleasant news. Do not take them to heart: soon it turns out that it's not so bad. Now we need to check the details to ensure you are not mislead.

Horoscope for yesterday 22 August for the zodiac sign Taurus

Try to rely on their own strength. You, most likely, it will be difficult to explain to others what you want from them, what kind of help are waiting. Disagreements arise more often than usual. You try to listen to the opinions of others, but often misinterpret innocent comments can get angry over nothing.

Possible bad news. Do not be lazy to check the information, to analyze and compare the facts: it is possible that you are misled. In the afternoon there will be interesting ideas, promising plans.

Horoscope for tomorrow 24 August for the zodiac sign Taurus

do Not rush. Caution and prudence is particularly important. Reckless behavior and questionable Dating can turn into big trouble; stay away from people who promise too much, trying to drag you into any adventure. Whatever you do, try to pay attention to the small details, nothing is overlooked.

Old friends often help and give good advice, but sometimes allow myself to comments which you don't like. Try not to quarrel with those who are dear to you: if there is a conflict, to restore the relationship will be difficult.

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