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Horoscope for today, for tomorrow, for yesterday for the zodiac sign Leo

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Horoscope for today 26 may for the zodiac sign Leo

the zodiac sign Leo

Keep calm and not to succumb to provocations; this is the best way to avoid mistakes, not to take steps, which later had to regret. May again require the attention of the case, which you once put off, desperate to bring them to the end. You get along well with others, easily find common language with the women; they become reliable assistants and allies.

many travelers, it is not excluded a romantic interest. Don't be afraid to take the initiative to openly Express her feelings: you understand correctly.

Horoscope for yesterday 25 may for the zodiac sign Leo

do Not count on easy successes: today things will be a little harder than usual. Will help long time allies; you should listen to their advice – it will allow to avoid many mistakes. Caution is needed in financial matters, as today you tend to extravagance and can spend too much. Big deals better not to hurry.

Pay attention to their health: to conduct a preventive procedure, to refuse from excesses and bad habits. In the second half of the day, any congestion is extremely undesirable.

Horoscope for tomorrow 27 may for the zodiac sign Leo

this is a good time. He may be not as you expected, bring frustration and problems. Sometimes everything goes wrong, even the simplest thing can not bring to the end without any problems, difficulties and complications. More often than usual disagreements arise with loved ones, you don't want to make any concessions, and conflicts are becoming more serious.

Should listen to the advice of friends and following them, you will be able to avoid many serious mistakes. Be prepared for criticism; in it, as if you it may be unpleasant, there is a sensible grain.

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